The waters are home to walleye and pike, sturgeon and char, as well as speckled trout, lake trout and Atlantic salmon. Quebec fishing enthusiasts come from all over the province, attracted by the richness of fish and wildlife. Quebecers take care of this incomparable natural resource, because for them, fishing and lodging in nature are perfect ways to enjoy the outdoors and get back to the land.

Quebec is both the oldest and the largest of the ten Canadian provinces. It is a diverse province, with a unique culture that has evolved from the blending of French and English heritages. The “Belle Province’s” immense natural resources, some of which are still undeveloped, have provided the foundation that allows Quebec to offer some of the best recreational fishing opportunities in Canada.

Quebec has numerous resorts and outfitters, lodges, offering fishermen not only high quality lodging but also all kinds of packages including meals, air transportation, guides, boats and all-terrain vehicles. They can also store and freeze your fish. And during your stay at one of these wilderness lodges, you can enjoy a variety of other activities: swimming, photography, canoeing, hiking, berry and mushroom picking.

Fishing in Quebec Outfitter Doval Lodge is being part of the Abitibi-Témiscamingue region, you will find in this region a whole network of rivers and lakes covering more than 100 km. The most common fishes are walleye, pike, lake sturgeon, but also perch, smallmouth bass and Atlantic salmon. These are all wild species, so you will have a great variety of wild fish to enjoy.

With depths of up to 15 metres, you will be able to observe reefs, submerged structures and piles of trees, swamps, turbulent waters; all this will contribute to the success of your fishing trip at any time of the day. At Doval Lodge Outfitter, we know that your time is important and that you don’t want to spend your vacation trying to find the fish, so we’ll point you to the ideal spots. We offer many types of fishing packages and there is also the possibility to rent a boat.

Fishing permits may be purchased from us.