Guided Fishing

If you are a beginner planning a fishing trip to sunset paradise in Quebec Outfitter, or a seasoned veteran who has fished here many seasons, a guide may be the best option for you. After all, a fishing trip is all about fishing.

Professional guides will enrich your fishing experience by introducing you to the fish and teaching you the introductions, techniques and seasonal movements of the fish you’re seeking. Why bother wasting the first few days of your trip trying to figure out, “where are the fish?” Investing in a professional guide will allow you to become immediately comfortable with fish like walleyes and pikes.

What to expect

Effective guides are qualified professionals trained to ensure you have a pleasant day on the water. But they can’t read minds, so be sure to speak with your guide on the dock in the morning and express your expectations for the day. If you want to fish for walleye in the morning and cast pike after lunch, make sure your guide knows this at the beginning of the day so he can establish a schedule. Communication is an important part of the guide’s experience.

Good guides know their way around the lake. They spend the whole season on the water and are very familiar with the routes, hazards and fishing locations. Don’t hesitate to ask your guide to show you the fishing areas, the rocks or to explain how to get to a particular place. This can be especially helpful if you hire a guide for a day or two at the beginning of your trip and then plan to fish for the rest of the time on your own.

When it’s time to go fishing, take advantage of your experience with your guide by asking any questions you may have. What makes it a fishing spot? Why are the fish here at this time of year? What other lures do you suggest? Questions like these will help you learn and you will benefit from the guides’ experience of fishing.

Most guides will fish with you during the day, but they will check with you first to make sure you are comfortable with it. A guide who fishes is beneficial in many ways. He or she may experiment with a different technique or a different colour to see if it works better, or he or she may discover a delicate movement that triggers fish bites. Observe your guide fish—remember that he or she is a pro and you can learn a lot by observation and by being inspired by what he or she has learned from having a line in the water.

Plan ahead

Many lodges and guides in the area are very busy in the summer. After researching destinations and guides, book well in advance. Too often, groups do not book a guide in advance, only to find out upon arrival that all of the camp guides are booked.

When booking a guide, always remember to ask lots of questions. The experience speaks for itself! Ask how long a professional guide has been working on the fishing area. If you want to target a particular fish, don’t forget to ask the guides their experience with that species. Some fish are more challenging to catch and it is essential to have a guide with a solid experience in fishing.

More than just fishing

The guides of Dorval Lodge Outfitter are well known for preparing a lunch on the shore with the morning catch. According to some people, lunch alone is reason enough to hire a guide every season. In addition to fishing, a guide is an ambassador for the region, which is likely filled with local knowledge and experience that he or she would be happy to share.

A professional guide will do more than just help you with the fish and prepare your lunch. Your guide can become an old friend, someone you look forward to fishing with each year. Building relationships with customers is an important and rewarding part of being a good guide.

Hiring a professional guide can make the difference between a good fishing trip and a great fishing trip. To make the most of your time on the water in Dorval Lodge Outfitter, do some research, book in advance and choose a guide who will deliver the trip of a lifetime.