Frequently asked questions

Please note that this information about the fishing license was up to date at the time it was uploaded in January 2020.

You should always consult the Government of Quebec website or the Ministère des Forêts, de la Faune et des Parcs website for the most up-to-date information.

In which fishing zone is the Dorval Lodge Outfitter located?

The outfitter is located in Zone 13 West, in the réserve faunique La Vérendrye, in Abitibi-Témiscamingue, Quebec.

Do I need a fishing licence?

Yes, a fishing licence is required in most cases.
You must keep it with you when you fish and show it when asked to do so by a conservation officer or assistant.

In the table below, we have detailed the proposed permit categories, as well as their availability according to your status:

What species can I fish with my licence?

Generally speaking, your sport fishing licence allows you to fish all species of fish of interest to Quebec fishers, except Atlantic salmon.

You can fish for other salmon species with your general sport fishing licence.

Fishing permit
License Categories
Non residents
Sport fishing (excluding Atlantic salmon)
Yearly, people under 65 years of age
Yearly, people aged 65 and over
7 consecutive days
3 consecutive days
One day
Release / mandatory release (only in outfitters)
I'm over 18 years old, who can fish with my licence?
Sports Fishing License (except for Atlantic Salmon)
Your spouse
Your children under 18
Your children aged 18 to 24 with a valid student ID
Yes (if they have your license and their student ID)
Anyone under 18
Yes (if they are fishing under your supervision)
A student with their valid student ID
Yes (if they are fishing under your supervision)
In all cases, your presence is required or these people must be in possession of your permit.

How many fish can I catch and retain if there are several of us fishing with my licence?

The total quantity of fish caught and retained per day must not exceed the quantity authorized for the license holder. These limits depend on the fishing area, the species fished and the time of year.

Please consult the Ministère des Forêts, de la Faune et des Parcs’ search tool.

How much fishing gear can be used by people who fish under my licence?

In the case of line or fly fishing, each person fishing with another person’s licence is allowed to have their own line.
In the case of lure or bait fishing, the amount of gear allowed for the group must not exceed the amount authorized by the licence held.

These conditions apply to both residents and non-residents.

I have lost my fishing licence, what do I do?

If your fishing licence is lost or stolen, you must obtain a replacement licence if you wish to continue fishing.

This replacement licence is relatively inexpensive. You can get a replacement licence from departmental licence officers.

Can I transfer my fishing licence to someone else?

No, your fishing licence is not transferable.

What are the conditions of my fishing licence?

First, your licence must be signed by the licence holder and the person who issued it.

The licence holder must also enter the required information in the space provided on the back of the document.

Where can I purchase a fishing licence?

You can get a sport fishing licence or an Atlantic salmon licence from authorized sales agents, most often at sports stores, hardware stores or convenience stores.

Please refer to the list of fishing permit sales outlets.