The Dorval Lodge Outfitter

One of Quebec best kept secrets for fishing.

It’s located in the fabulous La Vérendrye Wildlife Sanctuary in the province of Quebec. The Dorval Lodge Outfitter is perfect for the people who wish to have a beautiful scenery and a peaceful environment for fishing and all other nature activities. Barely 3 hours drive from Gatineau and 4 hours from Montreal, on a paved road, our outfitter is located on the large Dozois Reservoir, directly on Route 117 at kilometre 397.

Our cottages are spread out on the shores of the Dozois Reservoir, an immense spread of water of 4000 kilometres in circumference. The Dorval Lodge outfitter is an economical alternative to overcrowded and expensive fishing camps. Dorval lodge Outfitter is a great fishing destination that makes every fisherman’s wish come true—long-distance fishing that provides some of the world’s best walleye and pike.

Truly Unique

Our lodge is unique, as it is the only resort that is identified on most road maps in Québec. As one of Quebec’s first and most famous fishing outfitting camps, we take the responsibility of providing for our customers’ needs and managing our resources very seriously. We are proud of the reputation we have earned and we guarantee that you will be well served and enjoy your future fishing adventure.

Being a unique lodge on this huge Reservoir, we are convinced that pressure fishing for Walleye and Pike is relatively thin. The trip will also be memorable! The road to Dorval Lodge Outfitters will take you through native forests and beautiful lakes while you impatiently await the smell of fresh air.

It’s hard to overcome the feeling you get when the beaver or otter increases the rpm and you go for a fishing trip to Quebec’s vast wilderness. It’s truly a remarkable experience. Now all you have to do is decide, at the end of the day, is when to come to Dorval Lodge Outfitter, because all the services and experiences offered there are great and will get you this fun, which is really important.