Dorval Lodge


Capacity: 24 people
Minimum rate: 15 people


Capacity: 10 people
Minimum rate: 8 people

Bois Rond

Capacity: 4 people
Minimum rate: 2 people

Cottage 1

Capacity: 4 people
Minimum rate: 2 people

Cottage 2


Dorval Lodge Outfitter

The Dorval Lodge outfitter located in the fabulous La Vérendrye Wildlife Sanctuary is the perfect spot for walleye and pike fishing. Barely 3 hours drive from Gatineau and 4 hours from Montreal, on a paved road, our outfitter is located on the large Dozois reservoir, directly on Route 117 at kilometer 397.

Pourvoire du Quebec Dorval Lodge

Our Lodge is unique, as it is the only resort that is identified on most road maps in Québec.

Our cottages are spread out on the shores of the Dozois Reservoir, an immense spread of water of 4000 kilometres in circumference, perfect for your lodging needs.

Being a unique Lodge on this huge Reservoir, we are convinced that pressure fishing for Walleye and Pike is relatively thin at our fishing lodge.

In Quebec, fishing in outfitters is a perfect vacation spot for fishermen and their families. The experience in an outfitter in Quebec is one that will make you live unforgettable moments of adventure in the comfort of nature. Our outfitter is ready to welcome you with all-inclusive services. Fishing for walleye or pike in Quebec has never been so liberating.

Our services

The quality of our services is the cornerstone of our business. That is why we work hard to offer all our clients, an impeccable and personalized service to allow you to fully enjoy your fishing trip with us.

What is a pourvoirie?

A “pourvoirie” is a French term used primarily in Quebec and parts of Canada, referring to a hunting and fishing lodge that typically offers a range of outdoor activities. These establishments are situated in wilderness areas and are focused on providing guests with access to exclusive recreational hunting and fishing territories. Pourvoiries may also offer other outdoor activities such as hiking, kayaking, and wildlife observation, making them popular destinations for nature enthusiasts and those seeking a rustic escape in the great outdoors.

Lodging – european plan

We offer only the European plan, which means people bring their own food, as all cottages are fully equipped to prepare meals.

Boats and motors rental

For those who prefer, we provide rental services for boats and motors.


You can easily bring your fishing boat as we are directly on highway 117 and the Launching ramp is made of concrete cement.


Launch of our website

C’est avec plaisir que nous vous informons de l’ouverture de notre nouveau site internet :

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Entretien de bateau avant la saison de pêche

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You can get the Quebec fishing license online on the website of the Ministère de la Forêt, de la Faune et des Parcs. However, we are custodians for people who do not have access to this service or who prefer to obtain them locally.