The rules at Dorval Lodge

In Order to insure your most pleasant, Pike and Walleye fishing trip, we ask that the following rules be respected :

  1. To fish on La Verendry Wildlife Reserve, a Quebec fishing permit and access rights to the reserve are required. The price of the fishing permit varies, depending on residency and the number of fishing days.
  2. The access price is 100.79$ per person per fishing week. This can be bought at our office. These prices are established by La Verendry Wildlife Reserve and are refundable without notice.
  3. Camp fires are not permitted on our site due to the proximity of the cottages and the forest, the risk of forest fires are too important.
  4. Like you, our clients are on vacation and are here to rest and enjoy their stay. In order to provide a peaceful environment for all, we ask that a minimum of noise be made at all times, especially after 11 o’clock.
  5. The majority of surrounding animals are vultures and are attracted to garbage. To prevent this, we ask that all garbage be disposed in the trash cans provided, closing the lids air tight, and left outside, as they are picked up daily.
  6. The road leading to the launching ramp can be crowded at times. In order to prevent long waiting periods, it is preferable that boats be prepared near the highway 117 before descending to the waterfront.
  1. Often, cottages are occupied quite soon after they have been liberated. In order to permit the maintenance personnel to prepare the cottages for new arrivals, we ask our clients to free the cottages no later than 9 o’clock.
  2. The clients that arrive shall take possession of their cottage upon arrival if possible or as soon as it is ready ( approximately 2 o’clock)
  3. Bears and other animals are attracted to fish carcasses. We offer a spacious fish house which is located beside the office. We strongly recommend the use of it rather than cleaning your fish near your cottage.
  4. There are eight (8) docks available. First come, first serve policy. If you are first to park your boat, we ask that you start at one end of the dock rather than in the middle, to leave place for other boats upon their arrival.
  5. Our reservoir has Walleye and Pike. The size and quantity are controlled by the following Provincial laws : you are authorised to have in your possession a maximum of 6 Walleye and 6 Pike at all times.
  6. Walleye smaller than 32 cm (12.5 inches) and bigger than 47 cm ( 18.5 inches) must be put back in the water. There is no size restriction for Pike.
  7. During an electrical storm, we may be required to interrupt the power until the storm is over. If this occurs, we ask that the use of water be minimised until the power is back on.
  8. We accept dogs as long as they do not bark constantly, are kept on a leash and the owners keep the property clean.